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i WILL ignore it

SCENEPACKS✎... always give credit to either aeunqiascenes or aeunqia
----- how to give credit;
✎... accounts to give credit to:
★ tiktok
★ instagram

click on this picture or 'scenepacks' for the links

reminder; coming into our dms and asking to be accepted will not get you accepted faster!

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------ aeunqia
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--- i have so many requests that it becomes so hard for me to keep track especially with my schedules.

hiii!! im olivia (liv) <3 i use she/her pronouns and i am 16! my main account is aeunqia. i've been using after effects since july 2020 and i use ae 2022!
i mainly stan marvel <3
i also have a tiktok account with over 125k+ with the same user!

✎... how do you download the movies in 4k?
i use a website called!
--- i use a converter called subler however that's only on mac.
★ other alternatives include handbrake and smart converter.
✎... what do i make scenepacks on?
premiere pro!
✎... what device do i use to make the scenepacks?
macbook pro 2020!
✎... do you accept private/personal accounts?
it depends! if you are a tiktok editor, but don't have a instagram editing account, dm me a screenshot that shows you follow the me on ig and your tiktok username!
if you are a personal but public account and you're following the rules, yes i will accept your request!

please be kind <3
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✎... click on the picture of what tutorial you want!!
☆ these tutorials are made by me <33
channel ;